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Senin, 01 Desember 2014

lamb of god new american gospel

The human confrontation, I've build a phobia.
It takes my essence somewhere,
Somewhere to take control.

I may be far from rocking.
I am the one alone.
I may be far behind lines.
And made them turn away.

I want to know, hey you, watch out!
I've made them turn to cripple, hey you, watch out!
When i will know, who'll know, back fight!
Why time would let me die to control.

I fear nothing, why don't you know!?
I rip my mind and why don't you bleed!?
I fear no one, why you turn back!?
I may not stop.

My freedom can't contain but tell me,
The pain I liberate,
Riff hostility to anyone
Has made us so much hate.
I made them turn from hate but tell me
The pain and suffering
I made them turn from hate but tell me
The pain and suffering
I... know.

[The official released booklet lyrics:]

The human condition is inherit claustrophobia
Compression of my space made complete
I would rip out my own entrails by hand just to be alone
Inanity rolls total through this sphere
Ostracized for clarity of vision
A dream unrealized of solitude that I should descend into autonomy
and know the pain of fellowship no more
I feel nothing but a lack of space
Paradox of socialization results in duress
Rife with hostility, what has caused me so much hate?
Humanity, exterminate with extreme prejudice

I'm a monster so don't walk my way.
Don't trust my smile my teeth are like knives.
I'll drag you down & suck you dry.
Don't laugh at my jokes- the punchline is murder.
Don't enjoy my touch, every caress hides a chokehold.
I'm only happy when I've ruined everything I see.
Believe everything you've ever heard about me- suck it up.
If you see me coming don't stop, just turn & walk the other way.
I will not lie about what I have done, I will not lie about what I will do to you, the sweat of my exertion is pure poison, I'm hell...

Violence a natural reaction in a society whose advances are limited to its new technology;
different only in the current mode of destructive intent.
Date has replaced real life in this world, no hope for the stop of "progress."
Inevitable bio-link implant will replace the feel of human touch.
All memory surrogates downloaded bought & sold, no true sense of self.
Impending sensory death looming near.
A number, this is what you've become.
Life digitized itemized commodified.
Ha, ha, ha, this is what you work for...

I want some hatred on through
This pain to feel you're fading
They say stop be more gentle
It seems I walk this hard trail alone
Come danger take them all
Then throw them at the walls
Why won't you let me go
What does your father feel
There is no point is your papa not living now
I'm gonna tear off the legs of the one that killed
Me the most powerfull human of all
I a missing father
An empty role
Why did this immortal good child forget me
Why'd a mans own father blow these
Heartstrings away
Thrice have I called for blood I want the undead child
Why wouldn't fate let this unborn child
Die a wooden blow

I am the ones & the zerosthat control commerce & file you silently far away.
I am the children starving in the gutter bellies full of unabated poverty.
I am nihilism no future base instinct realized environmental collapse.
I am life.
I am the corpse of decency crucified on a post of greed and moral decay.
I am man.
Submit & surrender unto Ceasar what is his rightful due.
Complete oppression no catharsis in emphatic contempt for all of life.
I am man.

All the fucked up things trap & punish me I cannot explain my problem.
Kill my hopeless life I cannot be hypnotized. You owe me.
Push aside the veil to welcome in the visitors.
Eyes like halogen illuminate the soma peering out of spherical night mask.
Paleolithic subconscious icons lumber through dreamscape archetype of archangel.
Terror and hubris - infants painted gauze peer through murky jars; soon I'm wearing the skin of the morning star.
Green locks my name fills an empty banner. Frank, what have you gotten me into now?
I am not afraid to speak my heart & mind it cannot be saved sell me over.
Fuck your hopeless world, I am blacker than the sun.
Tragedy. Have you seen the speedy, yes?
Bleeds through the sleep onto the page. I'm sailin'...

The dark crow man sits and stares into the oblivion into cold into nothingness; it's snowing in his mind.
He's created himself in his own image. Lust held for him means naught, a knock on the door brings no smile to his cruel lips;
the welcome in a woman's eyes holds nothing for him.
Alone on his haunches the hair raises on the back of his neck. His dead eyes pierce the night.
As his gaze falls down on the city it fills him the method ascertained, conviction.
He knows what to do and moves to commit the deed.

The sore on the edge of your mouth it mirror the ones on your arm of black tar you've known the ripping.
And I've seen you pissing your condition into the dirt.
I know you don't want to live in the dirt you want to know nothing but dirt you know you can't beat weakness.
Kill the flux. Stretched to breaking an obscene canvas on a stretcher of parasitism.
You piece of shit I won't say your name but I will say this - FUCK OFF AND DIE (sooner the better).
You've shot out your eyes but I'm seeing that you cannot feel anything of worth.
Know that you've pissed life away, lost in your narcotic dreams.
Heart pumping futile shit through your veins.
Why does it bother? I want to punch in your sunken face and see your dusty blood smear through the air in a polluted crimson arc,
splattering in a useless pattern on the concrete.

Intrinsic rot. Traces of future. Your past will rise haunting you again.
Tounging the glue stamp seal of your fold.
Cased in forests of black steel rod.
Vines of nerve float downstream. Sections of horror.
This is something you must never do again.
Falling spiral down. You know not what you are looking for but it will find you anyway.
I've confessed this disease to you. Handed you a key to control.
Fuel for your malicious intent.
Punish me for my failure. Dissect my faith. Twisting my trust.
Never, no more, I'm alone.

Hate. Falling three feet to the ground.
Face down on the cold floor of a well-oiled SF pigsty I met my one true love.
Feel youth crushed somewhere between concrete & boot, another victim of the lower hate.
You are not my god. You think this is funny don't you pig?
How the helpless freak squirms beneath our state sanctioned soles, but what is he laughing at?
There was nothing padded about a wagon full of mace.
Rotator cuff hyper extends behind my back ribs cracking beneath a rain of sticks & heels falling down like the rain outside.
Oh yeah bitch, I'm gonna remember your face your name your number;
and when I crawl out of this hole I'm going to make you all mine.
Auschwitz Kent State Chi-Town 68 Tianamen Waco.

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